What we do

If you want to learn more about us, you’re in the right place. Read to learn¬†how we are planning to bring Blockchain to the payroll industry.

Bring your own vendor

Already have a payroll vendor? Bring them to our platform and standardize your processes globally using our payroll application.


The core of our services is security . Your data will be secured on the Blockchain by the Consensus Algorithm.

Save Money

Why pay 40% more for a service with a middleman? That's exactly right, if you have a global payroll vendor, chances are they are charging you 40% of what their vendor charges them.

Additional features


Standard payroll reports across all vendors, including Gross to Net comparisons with previous pay periods allowing you to audit variance on payrolls.


Vendors respond to those who pay them. If you have a middleman in between they will never respond to you and vendor management becomes a nightmare. Pay the vendors directly and have full control of the relationship.

automate INPUT DATA

Input data flows automatically from your HCM software to our Blockchain via API. This automation will allow your Payroll Analyst to take on more workload and answer timely internal payroll inquiries.

Monitor sla

Monitor vendor's SLA with the help of Smart Contracts. If your vendors don't deliver they simply do not get paid.

Future Ambitions

pay in cryptos

Can you Imagine a day where you don't have to run off cycle corrections because you couldn't enter that change on time? Can you imagine making changes live on the payroll engine and running same day disbursements? We are positioning ourselves to be the pioneers of this revolutionary technology.

blockchain payroll ecosystem

We are expecting HCM Softwares to enter the Blockchain space for security reasons. We will be able to interconnect our Blockchains to allow data flow in a seamless way securely in the Blockchain.

More details

Watch this video for more details on our services. 

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